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Cintropur Water Filters

We're all aware of the need for safe, clean water - especially if it's for our own consumption - but whether it's for domestic, rural or industrial use, a simple water filter system is the best solution.

For more than 35 years, Cintropur has been a name that is synonymous with quality in the field of water filtration. The Cintropur brand comprises an extensive range of high quality, European manufactured water filters, treatment units and Ultra Violet systems for the removal of suspended particles, chlorine, chemicals, colour, odour and harmful bacteria from water.

Cintropur’s unique technical design is very different from that of other filters on the market and will surprise you with the large volumes handled at very low pressure loss. Maintenance is economical and environmentally friendly, as only one single filter sleeve needs to be replaced - NO MORE EXPENSIVE WATER FILTER CARTRIDGES!


How the filter works. 




Key advantages of the Cintropur product:

High flow rates, low pressure loss. 
Domestic & Industrial systems.
Dual stage filtration due to hydrocyclone action. 
Filter Sleeves – 1 micron Polypropylene, Polyester Disposable 5,10, 25, 50,100 micron, Nylon Washable 150 & 300 micron. 
Ecological and Economical to maintain compared to cartridge type systems. 
Drain tap to purge solids. 
Clear bowl for inspection of sleeve. 
Highest quality manufactured in Europe. 
Food & Potable water grade, highly resistant materials. 
Long service life.
Wide range of spare parts and accessories - ball valves, joiner couplings, pressure gauges.
Maximum temperature: 50 degrees continuous.
Maximum usage pressure: 16 bar.
Guaranteed for two years for production imperfections.

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