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How the filter works. 




Key advantages of the Cintropur product:

High flow rates, low pressure loss. 
Domestic & Industrial systems.
Dual stage filtration due to hydrocyclone action. 
Filter Sleeves – 1 micron Polypropylene, Polyester Disposable 5,10, 25, 50,100 micron, Nylon Washable 150 & 300 micron. 
Economical to maintain compared to cartridge type systems. 
Drain tap to purge solids. 
Clear bowl for inspection of sleeve. 
Highest quality manufactured in Europe. 
Food & Potable water grade, highly resistant materials. 
Long service life.
Wide range of spare parts and accessories - ball valves, joiner couplings, pressure gauges.
Maximum temperature: 50 degrees continuous.
Maximum usage pressure: 16 bar.
Guaranteed for two years for production imperfections.


Our most popular product.

Rainwater or Town Supply "Whole House" Filter, Chlorine, colour, odour reduction.


NW25 water filter and chlorine removal