Rainwater Filtration

Rainwater can be quite clean, but will often contain dirt, sediment and mould from material washed in from the roof and gutters. When water is stored in a tank Bacteria from animals mixes with organic material from leaves creating the added problem of both general and faecal bacterial growth inside the tank.

Maintain your catchment areas so water entering the tank is as clean as possible. This can be done by keeping trees clear of your roof, removing leaves from gutters, and have your tank cleaned regularly.

Our rainwater treatment systems are usually placed after the pump providing clean water to the whole house. Organic Material & Sediment can be filtered out using one or more filter stages to remove the solid material. Colour, odour, chemicals and chlorine are reduced by using Activated Carbon. Giardia & Cryptosporidium are best filtered using a one micron filter. Giardia is resistant to chemicals and most UV light frequencies so must be filtered. Bacteria can be controlled by either regular dosing of the tank with a safe liquid disinfectant such as ‘pourngo' or by using a UV system which are the most convenient method in most cases.


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